Frequently asked questions

What is alveodot®?
How does alveodot® work?
How long does the alveodot® battery last?
How can alveodot® help me reduce my symptoms?
How does alveodot® remind me to take my medication?
What do the lights on alveodot® mean?

Application related

Which IOS version alveodot® Support
List of Android versions which alveodot® Support
Does alveodot® support windows-based PC version?
How do I add medication with alveodot®?
How many tasks will be synced up with the alveodot® device at a time?
Can I link more than one medication at a time?
Do I need to turn on the tracker while adding the medication?
What do you mean by frequency?
Can I update the medication after the save?
What will happen if I connect the device before adding other details and back pressed? Will it be in a connected state or do I need to connect it again?
Can I use the same alveodot® for my family members?
How can I use alveodot® for my family members?
Can I delink alveodot® while sync-up process is running?
Can I get a reminder If I forgot to sync up my data?
Will I get reminders for added medication from the application side?
When Will I get the reminders?
Can I update my medication time once I added the medication?
How sync-up process will start?
What details will be displayed on the sync-up screen?
Can I get the user manual for this?
Can I change the audio & LED settings?
What is dose memory?
What are the ways to sync up my data?
Will I get a reminder If I am running on a low dose count?
What will happen If the Bluetooth connection breaks in between of sync-up process?
Can I do other suff in application while running of sync-up process?
Where I can find my sync-up data?
Is all states displayed on graph?
Can shake compliance available in the medication detail screen?
How can I calibrate my alveodot® device?
Do I need to calibrate my alveodot® device every time?